Following My Passion of Food & Sports Nutrition

Hey Everyone! I am so excited I finally had some time to make this blog. Over the years I have always had a passion for reading about sports nutrition and trying out delicious recipes. I spent a lot of my time in college and high school experimenting with different recipes and testing out how they made me feel on race day. After my freshmen year of college, I stopped having a meal plan just so I could refine and improve my cooking skills! Each week I tried a different recipe that was trending in the food world such as avocado toast, homemade aioli sauces, pickled onions, power balls, grain bowls, etc. Some of these meals tasted awful (I once made beet muffins – did not turn out right!), others were absolutely delicious (my turkey meatballs have always been spot on!). I never followed a specific diet but mainly followed nutrition fundamentals, cravings, bought foods that were in season or on sale, and always had a huge stock of veggies. From all my test recipes and races, I now have a better understanding what works and what does not work for athletes involved in endurance sports. As a foodie too, I know what tastes good and what does not (thanks to my family who have all been excellent testers and not involved in endurance sports.) I eat for flavor, color and to feel energized throughout the day so I can complete my training, go to class, complete work, and head out the door again after a long day to do my second training session. I want to share my recipes and help so you can have energy for all your passions, and look forward to every bite of your meal. Be sure to follow me and reach out with any questions!

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