The Bethesda Brookie

My favorite sweet that I create is the Bethesda Brookie! It is a Brownie & Cookie with a special Oreo filling inside. The chocolate richness paired with the sugar and salt from the cookie base, and creamy Oreo center makes this sweet a melt-in-your-mouth GOODNESS! 

The Bethesda Brookie! Rich chocolate flavor with Oreo & cookie layers.

I named it after my Bethesda hometown because Bethesda will always stay a special place in my heart. Bethesda is where I started my athletic journey as a runner, and quickly rose to the top of the county and district. I have run and trained at EVERY neighborhood loop, gritty hill, and inch of the capital crescent path in order to build my fitness and strength. I attribute much of my athletic success to the amazing coaches, parks, and competition in Bethesda’s community. 

I have left my mark on the record boards but I also saw an opportunity to leave my sweets mark. So, behold – The Bethesda Brookie!

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