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About me

My culinary and endurance sports adventure started at a young age. I started endurance sports in a swimming pool at the age of 5. My mom signed up my brothers and I for swim team and I quickly became a pool rat. I was not as fast as Michael Phelps or Katie Ledecky, who both grew up in my area, but I enjoyed the experience and the introduction into the sports world. After morning swim meets, my mom would always treat my brothers and I to post race donuts, which I always looked forward to! I competed in summer & winter swimming until I was 15. I found myself burning out from the sport that I grew up with and dreaded going to the pool for practice.

Winter swim seasons were always freezing! It took a lot of mental toughness to get into the cool water especially when it was bitter cold outside.

Coming into highschool I knew I wanted to participate in a sport because I had a strong competitive drive and loved the thought of being on a team. So I found a new & challenging sport; cross country & track. However, I started running with unrealistic expectations and was too hard on myself. Within my first season, I found myself PR’ing every race and it became an unhealthy obsession. My standards became so high, and throughout college and high school I was very particukar with my nutrition, sleep, training and race results. I stopped treating myself to post race donuts anymore even though I would finish races on empty, and ran every single run or workout as fast as I could. I learned the hard way, suffering through many injuries and mental barriers that it was not sustainable and having a healthy relationship with sports, food and myself has to come first.

Sprinting down the home stretch for the Georgetown Prep title – October 2014
I love deep dishbrownies with Oreo’s and chocolate richness!

So I educated myself on what proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle was, and to my surprise it was way more simplistic than what I had drawn out. Eating and endurance sports are all about balance and enjoyment! So I experimented with food by cooking a variety of recipes, talking to chefs, taking cooking classes, baking for others, hosting dinners etc. I even discounted my meal plan my sophomore year of college just so I could become a better chef and challenge myself in the kitchen. Throughout the years, I discovered that nutrient dense and simply delicious meals with a variety of natural fats, carbohydrates, proteins and LOADS of veggies made me feel best. Eating a small dessert or sweet every night also made me feel content and satisfied, and positively effected my mood and energy levels. More than anything, I learned that treating myself was important and rewarding.

Nutrient rich lunch with pickled onions, roasted butternut squash, and baked chicken

I want to share my delicious recipes and knowledge with other athletes and people who value wholesome flavor and foods so they can live with a healthy balance in their life.

My boyfriend Richie & I during our teams XC pre season photo shoot – 2018
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